Effective recovery begins with effective detoxification.

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Detox programs
Different approaches for different substance uses.

Detox is not a one-size-fits-all process.

Our Substance use disorder specialists utilize different approaches based on the type of substance use.They will ensure quality care that leads to the best outcomes.

Alcohol Detox

About Alcohol detox.
Alcoholism treatment uses a method called tapering. This tapering process curbs the cravings and gently detoxes the patient. Tapering is conducted under the guidance of one of our physician specialists. We also provide counseling and medication to manage cravings and prevent relapse.


About Benzodiazepines detox.
We use tapering to detox patients suffering from benzodiazepine abuse.Tapering allows us to wean patients off the drugs slowly. Our skilled nursing staff carefully manages the cravings to avoid withdrawal complications and ease the patient into detox as smoothly as possible.
Alongside doctor treatment
Safe gradual removal
Careful symptom management

Opioid Detox

About Opioid detox
Our Substance use disorder specialists utilize different approaches basedon the type of substance use. They will ensure quality care that leads to thebest outcomes.
Medications to help
Medical supervision
Safest and most successful
Rehab Programs

Our short-term rehabilitation program Treats all of you: mind, body, and soul.

Detox is not enough. At Surfpoint Recovery, we believe that getting clean through our detox program must be followed by counseling in our short-term rehab to maintain that sobriety. Relapse is high in patients who only detox and don’t follow through.
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Surfpoint Recovery Short-Term Rehab

Our 28 day robust programming includes, clinical and recreational group therapy along with individual counseling.
Our intensive program prepares ourpatients for re-entry into society.

It won’t be easy, but we are with you.

We are assisting you every step of the way
Our medical team will map out an individualized care plan.Our team will help you manage your withdrawal symptoms and guide you through the stabilization process. We combine medication assisted treatment (MAT) and intensive therapy to support your recovery.
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