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Looking for the best addiction treatment center in Brooklyn, NY?

Inpatient Detox Center In Brooklyn, New York

All major insurances accepted including medicaid. Recovery is a process we’ll get through together.
Surfpoint Recovery is a cutting-edge substance-use-disorder (SUD) treatment center in Brooklyn, NY.

We offer inpatient detox, withdrawal, and stabilization services in Brooklyn, New York as well as inpatient rehabilitation services for individuals with substance use disorder.

Our highly trained clinical and recovery management specialists are standing by waiting to help you regain control of your life.

Join our beautiful addiction recovery center in Brooklyn, New York to overcome addiction and achieve success and recovery.
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Customized treatment programs in Brooklyn, NY.

Because you are unique.
You are a remarkable individual with distinct strengths, weaknesses, and talents. Our team will create an individualized treatment plan that highlights your strengths, bolsters your abilities, and addresses those weaknesses in productive, constructive ways.
The Surfpoint core values we live by. Caring for you is our top priority.

Inpatient Treatment Program In Brooklyn, NY

We respect you. We respect ourselves. We respect the people in our lives and will work with you to do the same.
Sobriety and rehabilitation are hard. We will make you do the work, but we will make it as comfortable as possible.
We believe in you and your ability to recover and maintain your sobriety. Let us help you get there.
You will always get the truth at Surfpoint. Our staff acts with integrity and honesty in every interaction.
We provide a safe, securee nvironment so you can focus on recovery in peaceful, dependable surroundings.
Surfpoint Recovery can help.

It’s time to turn things around

Our brand-new, welcoming facility and best-in-class team of medical and clinical professionals help you take control and assist you in becoming your best authentic self. We are an OASAS-licensed and CARF-certified Center of Excellence.
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