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Why choose Surfpoint Recovery?

We are an all-new, cutting-edge detox and short-term treatment center in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Our mission is to help people overcome their substance use, and we believe a positive atmosphere is crucial to successful recovery. We offer medically supervised detox programs, daily counseling, mental health treatment, and medical services.

Do you offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT)?

If MAT is warranted, our medical team will include it as part of your treatment plan. In addition, our protocols may consistof administering Suboxone, Vivitrol, Sublicaid, or Buprenorphine.

Will my stay at Surfpoint Recovery be kept confidential?

Anonymity and confidentiality are vital components of our patient care. Therefore, our staff members comply with all HIPAA and privacy laws and regulations to maintain your privacy.

Can my family visit me while in treatment?

Unfortunately, because of the continued threat afforded by the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot allow family visits to the facility at this time.

Can I smoke?

Smoking is allowed as long as the cigarettes are in the original packaging and are unopened.

Can I bring my cell phone and computer?

Outside electronic devices may not be used in our facility. There are TV's in every room for your comfort and entertainment. Any external devices brought in will be securely stored until your discharge.

How will this time be different?

Surfpoint is more than just a place to get clean. We give you the tools you’ll need to get clean and stay clean. Tools that will help you maintain your sobriety long after you’ve walked out our doors. As long as you are willing to commit to your recovery and put in the work, we can help you achieve your goals because we believe everyone can recover.

Does Surfpoint Recovery accept insurance?

We accept a majority of the Medicaid plans as well as some commercial plans. It is always wise to confirm that we accept your insurance before admission. We have staff dedicated to handling insurance information who can answer all your questions.

Do you offer psychiatric care?

Every patient receives a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation within 24 hours of admission into our rehabilitation program. Mental health issues are treated along with your substance abuse disorder because the two often go hand-in-hand, and we believe in treating the whole person, not just their addictions.

What happens when I arrive at Surfpoint Recovery?

Day one at Surfpoint will involve meeting with a staff member for intake and receiving help completing the necessary paperwork. Next, one of our nurses will see you, take your vitals, ask about your medical history and request a urine sample. Afterward, we will inventory your belongings, and a staff member will place your valuables in our safe. Then, based on your need, you will enter our medically supervised detox program or head straight to our residential treatment program.

How long will I be at Surfpoint Recovery?

Surfpoint Recovery is a short-term treatment program. Patients stay an average of 21-28 days. However, depending on an individual’s needs, goals and progress, this timeframe may be shortened or lengthened.

What happens when I leave treatment?

Our team begins planning your discharge from the day you arrive at Surfpoint. A clinician will fill your aftercare plan with practical tools and helpful hints for managing your sobriety outside Surfpoint. Finally, you will leave our facility sober and can interact with your family, friends, and co-workers as you reintegrate back into society and your life.
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Care, compassion and dignity.

Every patient in our facility is treated with kindness and compassion while preserving their dignity and respect. We ask you to show our other patients and staff the same respect so everyone can benefit.
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